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The Olympic Games From A Taxi Driver’s Perspective | Taxi Rank

Hot! The Olympic Games From A Taxi Driver’s Perspective

The dust has settled and the last medals have been handed out. World class athletes have returned home or are enjoying a well-earned vacation. Visitors to London from hundreds of countries around the world have probably returned to their homeland as well. But what about the effect the Olympic Games has had on the economy? Surely the influx of tourists has ensured a profitable time for the capital’s shops and restaurants?

In actual fact, the Olympic Games have been a complete disaster for taxi drivers, bar owners, restaurants and even shops. They are empty at times when they should be brimming with activity. For taxi drivers, this is the worst period we have had in around 20 years. Some cabbies have experienced a reduction on income of almost 40%, a devastating loss to be sure.

It is known that August is the quietest time of year in London as many locals like to go on vacation at this time. However, things are even worse than usual because of the Olympics. Cab drivers have been told by Boris Johnson and Transport For London that coming to work is not an option. The traffic system has been deliberately changed to ensure locals can’t get into the city. Tourists aren’t interested in the wonderful sights London has to offer when the Olympic Games are on. The Olympic army have taken over the city and London’s streets are actually empty!

We were previously told that this summer would be a wonderful time but it has been anything but. Tourists come and go but cab drivers know that native Londoners provide us with our greatest source of income. The Olympic Games ensured that Londoners weren’t around so naturally, cab drivers got the short end of the stick. During the Olympics, you could have went to the three major railway stations in the city and found a legion of empty cabs.

The spirit of Charles Dickens was evoked during the Olympic Games as London became a Tale of Two Cities. Those living in Greenwich and Stratford probably thought everything was amazing while those on the other side of the city will think it was a terrible time. The Games were badly organised from the start and this has severely affected the incomes of taxi drivers. Not all of us wanted to have a month off! Causing Londoners to flee from their own city was unjustifiable. About the only good thing about the Olympic Games was the amazing main stadium. Thankfully it’s all over and hopefully, Londoners can take back their city.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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