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Unlicensed Taxis In Milton Keynes Hurting Business For Licensed Drivers | Taxi Rank

Hot! Unlicensed Taxis In Milton Keynes Hurting Business For Licensed Drivers

A number of licensed taxi drivers who operate from a rank in Milton Keynes have expressed their anger at a number of individuals who are taking passengers without being fully licensed. According to the drivers, this illegal behaviour is costing them as much as 1,000 jobs a week at the taxi rank which is used by 60 drivers in total. Faced with such a loss of revenue, it’s no surprise that the drivers complained to the local council and even signed a petition.

One driver said that many people weren’t even aware that they were getting into an uninsured taxi. He was worried about the ease with which these drivers get passengers and pointed out that if an accident occurred, the passenger would not be covered against injury. He also said that the drivers only wanted the law enforced. According to another driver, the licensed cabbies are forced to confront the illegal operators at least 15 times a day. He complained that many drivers are forced to work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and still not earn enough to support their families such is the effect of the unlicensed cabs.

The council has decided to act and are sending a licensing officer down to the rank at peak times in the morning and evening in order to catch illegal taxi operators at work. A licensing spokesman said that the local council’s Taxi Licensing Team is aware of the issue at hand with regards to the increasing number of private hire taxi operators working outside of the train station since development on the building started earlier this year.

He continued by saying that they hope to speak to private hire taxi drivers in regards to their illegal plying for hire and also stated that the council will take details of anyone believed to be acting in an illegal manner. The council will find these drivers and take appropriate action. The spokesman concluded by saying that there will be a campaign launched to ensure that the public are aware of the dangers involved in getting into a taxi with an unlicensed driver. The most important point is that the passenger is not insured in the event of an accident.

A spokesman for Skyline Taxis warned members of the public that getting into an unlicensed cab is a recipe for disaster. Skyline Taxis is one of the city’s most prominent cab firms and said that private taxis must always be pre-booked. He told the public to look for the driver’s minicab license and call the office if they have any doubts as to the driver’s legality.

Source: miltonkeynes.co.uk

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