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Wolverhampton Cab Drivers Plan Go-Slow Protest | Taxi Rank

Hot! Wolverhampton Cab Drivers Plan Go-Slow Protest

The local council have announced that they are intent on bringing more black cabs into the city and this has infuriated local taxi drivers who have now planned a go-slow protest through the city in order to get the council to change its mind. According to council bosses, numerous members of the public have complained about the lack of taxis in Wolverhampton, especially in the evenings and at weekends. However, drivers argue that the number of taxis available in the city has increased over the last few years while business has slowed down.

The council have launched a consultation which has the aim of adding more Hackney Carriages at night. The chairman of the Wolverhampton Taxi Owner’s Association, Parminder Sekhon, stated that there is no justification for the addition of other taxis as it would seriously damage the industry. Sekhon maintained that trade within the city has fallen by 50% in the last five years and fuel prices are at their highest ever level.

He pointed out that the number of taxis in the city has more than doubled from 65 to 170 in the last few years and these figures only related to black cabs. Sekhon accused the council of just wanting to flood the streets with taxis so that they would receive more money from licensing. He is also furious that drivers in the city pay the highest licensing fees in the West Midlands. Sekhon stated that there was a go-slow protest planned through the city in order to show people how many taxis are available. He concluded by saying their protest will block the streets.

There are also new proposals which could allow drivers to purchase a Hackney Carriage that is up to eight years old. At present, drivers in the city have to buy a brand new taxi. According to a member of the Wolverhampton council, Nick Edwards, these proposals are part of a wider plan to improve the city centre. He stated that members of the public have complained about a lack of taxis at the weekend and in the evenings. However, Edwards was quick to point out things had not advanced beyond the proposal stage with the consultation not completed until September 14.

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