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Woman Suffers Serious Accident In Doncaster After Falling Out Of Taxi | Taxi Rank

Hot! Woman Suffers Serious Accident In Doncaster After Falling Out Of Taxi

A terrible accident in Doncaster has resulted in the serious injury of an 18 year old woman. The incident happened in Thorne when the woman fell out of a taxi and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately, the vehicle was unable to stop in time and the woman was badly injured. The Hackney carriage she was in turned a bend in King Street but the passenger door was inexplicably open and she fell out in front of a Volkswagen Passat. She was trapped under the car for over an hour.

The accident happened just before 2am last Sunday and the police are appealing for witnesses that can describe what happened. The young woman was travelling from Thorne town centre to her home in Moorends. The taxi slowed down to take a bend but the women fell through the sliding door on the driver’s side. The Passat was travelling behind the taxi and decided to overtake it since the VW driver believed that the cab driver was slowing down to make a stop. However, the VW driver’s actions inadvertently resulted in the woman being run over by the vehicle.

The real problem was that the woman became trapped under the VW Passat and the car had to be lifted in order for her to be released. She was rushed to hospital where it was found that she had major head injuries and back and neck fractures. If you were witness to this accident, please contact the police as soon as possible.

Source: thestar.co.uk

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