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Worcester Knife Threat Man Sentenced | Taxi Rank

Hot! Worcester Knife Threat Man Sentenced

Dean Ludlow, who has previously been arrested for possessing harmful weapons, was once again in a courtroom. On this occasion, the crown court recorder decided that Ludlow was not a threat to the public. Ludlow had been in a dispute with a taxi driver over a fare and saw the driver in Lakeland last year. He bought a five inch knife and confronted the cab driver. However, a bar owner saw Ludlow’s actions and testified against him at the trial. He was convicted on 3 October and held behind bars on remand.

Prosecutor Nicholas Smith pointed out that Ludlow had around 140 criminal convictions including several knife crimes. In 2006, he stabbed one man in the stomach and slashed the brother of the victim across the face. The unfortunate man was left with a four inch wound. On this occasion, Ludlow was given two years in jail and also had his prison license increased to three years. In 2002, Ludlow was found with a lock knife in his possession after a search by police in a public street. On this occasion he was given a £75 fine.

Unbelievably, John Steel, QC and recorder, stated that Ludlow was not dangerous according to the definition of the word in law. Ludlow was given a 40 week jail sentence for his latest offence but this was suspended for a year. Additionally, he was given 150 hours of community service. Prior to the trial, Ludlow had spent 133 days in prison. Steel did warn Ludlow that another knife crime would see him hit with a serious jail sentence.

Worcester Crown Court heard that Ludlow’s convictions include almost 80 for thefts, eight for violence against other individuals, four fraud crimes and one firearms offence. He claimed that he pulled the knife in his latest attack because he believed he was about to be attacked. This was dismissed by Steel who pointed out that Ludlow had previous convictions for knife crimes. Steel continued by saying there was no evidence of violence against Ludlow and that the accused had approached the driver with the intent of threatening him. Steel concluded by saying that Ludlow had a violent nature which was made worse by drug use.

Ludlow’s solicitor, Charles Hamer, said that jail had failed to rehabilitate his client. Ludlow’s record goes back more than 25 years but Hamer tried to claim that the accused was trying to turn his life around. Ludlow must also appear before magistrates in Birmingham over a £2,700 confiscation order made nine years ago. He was remanded back into custody after the trial had concluded.

Source: worcesternews.co.uk

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