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Yet Another Drunken Passenger Leaves A Cab And Decides To Drink & Drive | Taxi Rank

Hot! Yet Another Drunken Passenger Leaves A Cab And Decides To Drink & Drive

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Katy Tague, the foolish young woman that was ejected from a cab for being too boisterous, elected to drive under the influence and got caught. She tried to blame the cab driver for unfairly booting her out of the cab and it seems as if this process is spreading like a virus. Marco Vaghetti is an event manager in Blackburn and really should have known better than to drive his car while drunk. However, he committed this crime after initially hailing a taxi.

Vaghetti initially did the sensible thing by leaving his car in Whalley when he knew he was going to drink alcoholic beverages. He took a taxi after ordering food at McDonalds but was not impressed when the driver asked for payment up front. It is a driver’s right to ask for money before beginning the journey if he feels that the passenger may decide to take off once the taxi ride is over. The driver drove Vaghetti to Whalley to get some cash but an incident must have occurred because the cabbie decided to flag down a police car and drove away, leaving Vaghetti behind.

Vaghetti then did one of the stupidest things imaginable: He decided to get behind the wheel when drunk while a police officer was in the vicinity! It didn’t take long for the police officer to catch the drunk driver and arrest him after a breathalyser test showed that he was clearly over the legal limit. Vaghetti pleaded guilty, was banned from driving for 17 months, had to pay £105 in costs and was also fined £200. His breathalyser reading showed that he was at double the legal limit. Trevor Leach defended Vaghetti in court and said that his client was correct to hail the cab and wrong to drive home.

Source: lancashiretelegraph.co.uk

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